bomberman b-daman

Bomberman B-Daman ROM

bomberman b-daman
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Bomberman B-Daman is a popular game, and before the release of Bomberman B-Daman, there is many more versions of the game had been released. If you have played the previous versions of the game, then definitely, you will love this version as well. There are so many levels in the game, but every level in the game is different, and the player needs to use a different strategy and plan to complete the level. It’s a great game and for a beginner then could be some problem with playing and that is why I have written some interesting tips that the player could take help.
Interesting tips and tricks to blast the bomb
In order to blast the bombs, players need to follow one major thing in the game, and it is the controls. Without learning and making speed in the controls, the player cannot blast the bombs easily. There are many more essential tips are important and these are written following –
Perfect on timing – bombs that players have to blast in Bomberman B-Daman are moving bombs and there are only timing of few seconds that player can take their shot on the bomb. Bombs are on the group, and their big bombs are also available, and these bombs are the best to blast entire row of other bombs, so always target the big bombs and be on timing.
Be accurate on the shoots – while taking the shot on bomb player have limited seconds, and that is why it is important to be accurate on the shot. Even if you make one shot, that one shot must be on the target, and with that, every bomb must be blasted too. Sometimes big bombs are hidden among other bombs so you can move to another place and take your accurate shot.