burnout legends

Burnout Legends ROM

burnout legends
NDS Emulator
21.5MB / ISO
0226 - Burnout Legends is a wonderful racing video game which is developed Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts in a classic way. This game includes certain tracks and events where players can perform and compete with waves of enemies from all over the world.
In addition, players have prominent objective in the game is to conquer the racing championships by defeating the entire target opponent’s one by one. Every time the wins the achievements then they will be able to get some awesome rewards and bonuses.
Learn the Pure Basics!
• The 0226 - Burnout Legends Game includes total 95 cars present and each has their speed meter and unique engine power that every racer can unlock through various classes. There is five collector cars for each class that racer only starts out with just one by knowing their features and special points so that they can conquer certain matches.
• There are certain types of tracks where racers run their vehicles and get high-score by using super techniques as well as make best use of unique features. Every time the player’s make more score then they will be able to perform onto the next track.
• The 0226 - Burnout Legends Game contains 9 types of modes in 0226 - Burnout Legends Game such as World Tour, race, eliminator, Time Attack and five more where racers can perform and compete with pair of enemies throughout the period.
• Eventually, as the racers get instant progress throughout the period then they will be able to unlock additional or special cars that help them to simply defeat boss enemies or even with less chances of eliminate for single match.
Bottom Line!
Players should learn the simple basics of 0226 - Burnout Legends Game as mentioned-above so that they will be able to win every racing tournament with fewer efforts.