donkey kong country (v1.2)

Donkey Kong Country (V1.2) ROM

donkey kong country (v1.2)
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Donkey Kong is a well-known game of all time and played by millions of people on handheld consoles. This game came from the Nintendo switch, and the storyline is the same. The story is about Donkey Kong, who is locked by Snowmads at an island. The island is deep and freezing, which makes it hard to survive for him.
So, you have to guide Donkey Kong to get out of this place and taking revenge. This theme is very common among all the Version of Donkey Kong, but there are new maps and different obstacles to try out. If you are playing this Version, then you can find so many reasons to love it. Let's know about the key features.
Key Features To Know About
With the resounding success of Donkey Kong, most of the newly released Version has the same storyline and similar gameplay. The best thing is, they are introduced with some additional features which are as follow –
• You can try out the exclusive funky town and try out getting more Bananas in this Version.
• A number of lives from the previous version is a huge change. Now, you have five life.
• You can enjoy Coop Kong and battle with monsters. Winning on them is hard this time.
• New map allowing you to enjoy a different journey. Maps are better and large from the previous versions.
• You can try out new moves, and battling is not easier now. You have to master the moves of Kong.
These are all the major features that make Donkey Kong Country (V1.2) a better version. You can download the same and play using the emulator. In case you want to reach the top of this game, then there are cracked Version of the same game available. You can get unlimited lives, but they are not impressive to try out.