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dr. mario (np)
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Dr. Mario (NP) is an exciting action puzzle based video game which is developed by Nintendo R&D1 by keeping lots of things in the mind. In simple words, when the players start playing the game then they should learn the basics through gameplay regarding playable hero skills, set number of tasks and etc.
More importantly, the player’s main protagonist has primary objective in the Dr. Mario (NP) Game is to destroy the viruses that are populating on playing field by using different colored capsules throughout the period.
Dr. Mario (NP) is a falling block tile-matching video game in which the Mario assumes the role of the doctor that has great skills and special abilities that help to simply deal with viruses throughout the period.
Apart from this, the Dr. Mario (NP) Game consists of certain stages and each has their different theme and set number of targets in which the player’s main protagonist can perform and compete with waves of enemies by using super-techniques and special moves as well.
One thing also worth mentioning here, the mainly focus of player’s main hero in the Dr. Mario (NP) Game is to destroy the viruses as many as possible with unique color capsules. Every time the player’s main avatar deal with viruses then it becomes easier to get some awesome rewards and move onto the next ones throughout the period.
The Final Words!
Players must follow the instructions of gameplay as mention-below that help them to simply pass more and more stages in an appropriate manner by destroying entire viruses which depicts on the main-screen throughout the period.