Gameboy Advance (GBA) Emulators

Any Android device user that enjoys gaming is excited with the release of Game Boy Advance emulators since this is one of the most popular and well-loved game consoles on this side of the century. This means that you’ll be able to play all of your favorite old-school games straight from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone now thanks to these free Gameboy Advance Emulators. Our favorite part about them is that they’re high-quality creations that you can play on your computer ROMS, and the following are some of the best ones available:

Name Platform Total Downloads Description
My Boy! Android 5140291

My Boy is one of the most well-known Game Boy Advance Emulators we’ve seen in a long time. This isn’t surprising considering how many features it comes with. This includes hardware controller support, cheat codes, slow down and fast forward modes, high game compatibility, and premium link cable support which is available through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

GBA4iOS Mac OS X 2272996

This is one of the best Gameboy Advance emulators to come from Riley Testut, which is an experienced iOS developer. The GBA4iOS is designed entirely for iOS devices and comes with a lot of perks, such as tools that help to significantly improve iOS SDK emulation. It’s a whole new experience.

No$GBA Windows 645629

The No Cash GBA or No$GBA Emulator for short is another great emulator that intrigues people with its name and keeps their attention with its features. It really stands out at you next to other emulators and the best part is that it’s just as interesting as you would imagine it to be.

VisualBoyAdvance Windows 550965

One of the oldest Gameboy Advance emulators around, VisualBoy Advance is popular among veteran gamers who’ve been doing this since before GBAs were a thing. The best part is that this version is much faster and guarantees a more optimized experience.

BatGBA Windows 78814

BatGBA is one of the simplest and most impactful emulators that we’ve ever seen but this doesn’t mean that it’s not fun. In fact, it contains a lot of cutting-edge features within it that make for a very entertaining experience.

VBA10 Windows 54063

The VBA10 Emulator for Gameboy Advance allows you to lay all of your old favorites using your Windows PC. You can even share the fun with friends and make a game night of it!

DreamGBA Windows 32176

DreamGBA comes courtesy of the same team that bought us DreamGBC and it’s just not making a comeback from having taken a hiatus for a while.

Boycott Advance Mac OS X 30569

Next on our list is the Boycott Advance, a great emulator for macOS users that comes with a straightforward UI and a simple interface.

BoycottAdvance Windows 15561
RascalBoy Advance Windows 5919

RascalBoy Advance is another amazing GBA emulator that you need if you want to enjoy all of the features that the GBA has to offer. It’s certainly up the best Gameboy Advance Emulators ever released, which is why it has stood the test of time and still exists to this day. You can play this on any of your Android devices, including your smartphone, tablet and computer, and share the experience with your friends.