Gameboy Color (GBC) Emulators

It’s safe to say that Game Boy Color Emulators and Gameboy emulators started the wave of gaming hysteria that we’re seeing today, and introduced many fanatical gamers to the sport/hobby. These handheld consoles by Gameboy allowed you to take your games with you and have fun on the go since they could easily fit into a tiny pocket. However, we’ve seen a lot of advancements in the handheld game console industry since then, certainly too numerous to mention here. But, we can say that nothing beats the classics and the nostalgia of playing vintage Gameboy emulators. Below we’re going to highlight the best Game Boy Color Emulators available, most of which don’t even have snaggy bugs, which means they’re smooth and easy to play.

Name Platform Total Downloads Description
BGB Windows 626644

The Gameboy emulator known as BGB is basically a program that enables you to use your PC to play both Gameboy Color and Gameboy games. That’s because it comes with relevant and useful features like low latency, smooth Vsync animation, good quality graphics, and sound effects as well as handy gamepad support. This is in addition to a useful debugger which you can use to modify and create ROMs, cheat codes, and do a deep dive into the emulation itself. What makes the BGB emulation so unique is the fact that it’s highly accurate which means that a BGB-compatible ROM will likely work on any other type of hardware as well. It’s one of the best and it’s unique from the rest!

VIsual Boy Nokia 73138

Commonly referred to as Mac Boy Advance, the VisualBoyAdvance is perfect for Nintendo fans as it’s designed to imitate all of the games that you’ve become used to when playing your portable Nintendo console. It’s compatible with 148kb flash and automatic IP patches, and it’s designed for OS X as well, which makes it a very versatile device. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. There have been more than a few reports of people experiencing bugs when using this particular console, especially after OS X updates that often lead to incorrect display screens or outright crashes. However, if you’re smart when using it, then you shouldn’t experience any adverse effects from using it and will most likely only benefit from its incredible features.

Gnuboy Nokia 23632

The Gnuboy emulator is perfect for the Game Boy Color enthusiast as it’s super portable and allows you to enjoy it on different types of systems, including Windows. The developers are currently working on making it available to even more systems in the future which will most likely happen once they’ve got buildbot setup. So, it’s worth taking a chance on it if you enjoy a good vintage game or two.