GameCube Emulators

The GameBoy Cube is one of Nintendo’s first consoles and a pioneer in storing data using optical discs. It was initially introduced in 2001 in Japan, with the smallest discs that we had seen in a long time. Although small, you could connect it to a Gameboy advance with a link cable to open up a whole new world of gaming. Nintendo achieved a record-breaking 22 million sales from the time it was released in 2001 to 2007 when the Gameboy was discontinued. This was the last time that users got to enjoy graphics that are still better than Sony PS2… or was it? Turns out, this opened the gap for numerous GameCube emulators, including the following:

Name Platform Total Downloads Description
Dolphin X86 Windows 129071

As the name implies, the Dolphin X86 emulator is perfect for running Wii, Nintendo, and GameCube games straight from your PC. Also known as the Dolphin Emu, this emulator is an open-source creation which means that you can contribute to it if you’re a fan to help improve it further. Seeing that it only has a few bugs, we think this strategy has worked well thus far. Other than that, the Dolphin X86 offers High Definition playing ability which you can’t get even with Wii consoles nowadays.

GCEmu Windows 43061

Initially introduced around 2005, the GCEmu is one of the fastest that you’ll ever come across, thanks to its incredibly fast speeds and recompilation techniques. Because of its incomplete emulation, this emulator is prone to bugs and crashes sometimes. Just giving you a heads-up. But, in most cases, this won’t completely spoil your experience if you keep to certain games.

Gcube Windows 36415

The open-source emulator known as GCube was introduced by GameCube as a way to provide a way for gamers to enjoy at least one fully emulated commercial game from the comfort of their home. This means that it’s not compatible with a lot of games, but that’s not what it was created for. It’s worth noting that his game was never developed past version 0.3 which means that as it stands, it’s mainly compatible with homebrew apps and isn’t the best when it comes to running the latest commercially available games.

SuperGCube Windows 30571

This GameCube emulator operates on all Windows devices and its developers are currently working on making it available to other platforms as well. However, it does offer quite a few improvements compared to its predecessor the GCube emulator. The highly optimized SuperGCube emulator is efficient as it’s fast, and it’s developed to operate on interpreter mode upon command and future updates promise the emergence of the recompiler.

WhineCube Windows 10642

The WhineCube emulator is based on C++ language and was developed to operate on ELF and DOL format which means you’re getting excellent quality sound and graphics in every game. Although you won’t be able to run any commercial games with this emulator, you can certainly enjoy more than a few homebrew ones. It also comes with a vintage HLE system, as well as an interpreter and compiler, making it one of the best GameCube emulators.