Neo Geo Emulators

Neo Geo is a quality brand that has been around for quite some time now. The brand’s original product in its hardware line was the Neo Geo Multi Video System. About 30 years ago, Neo Geo MVSs were very popular because of how much quality they offered. The Neo Geo arcade units were designed to run about half a dozen various arcade games simultaneously. The fact that they could seamlessly run that many games at once made them very versatile, and a favorite among many gamers. With Neo Geo arcade cabinets, it was easier for enterprises to cut costs and optimize space. After some time of playing arcade games on the Neo Geo Multi Video Systems, people started asking for Neo Geo consoles that they could use in their houses. The first Neo Geo gaming console, in a line of different consoles, was the Neo Geo AES. This console wasn’t originally manufactured to be used at home. However, after the device gained significant recognition, it was distributed to customers for household use. After that, the Neo Geo CD and CDZ were made available on the market one year apart. Neo Geo’s arcade cabinets got significant success that was as a result of their innovative game storing cartridges. Instead of placing every single game on a different arcade board, their system was able to integrate several arcade games by using the cartridge storage method. Neo Geo was the first to make use of this cartridge storage system.

Name Platform Total Downloads Description
NeoRageX Windows 23552

Arcades have been overrun by computers, but people still want to experience that arcade gaming feeling from time to time. Thanks to Neo Geo emulators, this is now possible. The NeoRAGEx is an emulator that helps you experience Neo Geo arcade gaming on your Windows PC. The emulator runs different original arcade games that are sure to bring some nostalgia. Part of NeoRAGEx’s features is that the Neo Geo emulators provide you with a customizable platform. You can adjust settings like video, game controls, audio, and more. Once you’ve set the emulator to provide what you need, go ahead and enjoy your best arcade originals.

Here are the main features:

  • The platform locates ROMS automatically once you’ve highlighted the folder holding the ROMS.
  • It’s compatible with joysticks.
  • NeoRAGEx identifies games kept in ZIP files inside the ROMs folder.
  • There is an option that helps you to adjust volume, dB, and also switch between mono and stereo sounds.