Nintendo 64 (N64) Emulators

Nintendo released the N64 in 1996 as a pioneer in next-generation console technology and it proves to be one of the most powerful creations in the gaming space since it’s more potent than Sega’s Saturn and Sony’s PlayStation put together. Despite its obvious superiority, the Nintendo 64 never seemed to top its predecessors when it came to sales which led to it being discontinued. But, the good news is that it’s a system that has proven relatively easy to emulate, and gamers have been enjoying Turok & Goldeneye and Zelda on Nintendo 64 Emulators since the first developers figured out how to create them. If you’re looking for the best emulators for the Nintendo 64, here are just some of the few that stand out:

Name Platform Total Downloads Description
CoolN64 Android 5454653

Android users love the CoolN64 because it has the ability to accurately emulate all of your favorite games and thanks to the ARM Android device tweaks, it works smoothly without any annoying bugs. It also works fast and comes with a front-end native Material Design which allows you to play all of the vintage Nintendo 64 games.

MegaN64 Android 1404363

Another fan-favorite, the MegaN64 is an upgrade of the Mupen64+, and over 900,000 Android users enjoy it every month judging by all of the positive reviews that it has.

Mupen64 AE Android 149920

Mupen64Plus isn’t the easiest Nintendo 64 emulator to use but if there’s one thing you’ll never complain about when using it, it’s the audio. We highly recommend the Mupen64Plus for anyone who wants to enjoy Project64 games.

N64oid Android 124860

N64oid is no longer available on the Google Play Store because apparently, the developers broke some policy of theirs but thanks to its features, this emulator continues to keep going strong. You can find it now with improved game support, better features and most of the bugs have been fixed too.

Project64 Windows 113148

Project64 is one of the most straightforward emulators around and the best part is that it’s an open-source development. This means that gaming fans can contribute to making it better by fixing bugs and merge changes to GitHub for example.

1964 Windows 80589

The 1964 emulator is yet another popular option among Android and Windows users because of its versatile compatibility. The great thing about this emulator is that as soon as you upload your ROMS, you’ll be able to customize them on a whim.

Mupen64Plus Mac OS X 32984
Mupen64 Windows 20254
SixtyForce Mac OS X 17473

This Mac-only emulator is one of the best gaming programs available to fans of the Nintendo 64 experience, as it offers seamless and smooth gameplay.

Mupen64Plus Linux 16726
Apollo Windows 15848
Mupen64++ Windows 10788
Nemu64 Windows 9448

The Nemu64 emulator is another great option for anyone that wants to play their favorite games on the go. You don’t need to install it on any of your devices to use it and it doesn’t take up a lot of space either.

UltraHLE Windows 7887
Corn Windows 6104
UltraHLE 2064 Windows 3511
TR64 Windows 2910
SupraHLE Windows 1522

The SupraHLE emulator is very popular among professional emulators thanks to how easy it is to customize. In case you’re wondering, HLE is short for High-Level Emulators and it offers a wide variety of customization options compared to the other options on this list, and that in itself makes it worth exploring.

TRWin Windows 1028