Nintendo DS (NDS) Emulators

If you’re a fan of Nintendo DS emulators then you know how great they are because they allow you to play games that you may have previously given up on. They enable you to bring back the good old days when you could play certain arcade or console games that are no longer available. Of course, you could always turn to internet distributors who will offer you unauthorized Nintendo ROMs for you to download, but keep in mind that this software is illegally copied and could put you in a precarious position, legally speaking. Nintendo emulators are developed with the knowledge and sometimes the assistance of Nintendo for the purpose of allowing gaming fans to play Nintendo games on modified consoles, PCs, and other “unauthorized” software. Read on to find out what are the best Nintendo DS emulators:

Name Platform Total Downloads Description
BGB Linux 1064198

Thanks to the BGB emulator you can now play and download all of your favorite Nintendo DS games straight onto your Linux PC. It’s a great way to enjoy a fun game night with old friends, catching up over all of your favorite old school Nintendo DS ROMs.

DeSmuME Windows, Mac 810748
No$GBA Windows 94051

The NO$GBA is one of the most popular Nintendo DS emulators around and for good reason. It’s compatible with Nintendo DS Lite (DSi), Nintendo DS, and GBA games alike which means you can play all sorts of varied vintage games on it and it won’t let you down.

NeonDS Windows 40445

The NeonDS emulator allows you to operate all of your favorite games smoothly and effortlessly. Although its developers have released any new versions or updates, it’s still wildly popular and sees numerous downloads every day because it just hits different.

IDeaS Windows 38236

The iDeas Nintendo DS emulator is one of the few which is still being developed and upgraded out of all the different options we offer on this list. This means that although it’s already compatible with a lot of games, this list is set to continue growing. It’s super easy to customize and comes with a wide variety of useful features too. You’ll also find that it’s easy to customize and has the ability to run numerous Nintendo DS games with ease.

DSemu Windows 30959

The DSEmu emulator is another diverse and versatile Nintendo game emulator that is currently compatible with Windows devices as it operates as a Gameboy Advance emulator.

DuoS Windows 15054

The DuoS emulator is an oldie but a goodie and definitely worth a mention. You can play all of your favorite vintage DS games on it despite the fact that it hasn’t gone through a lot of advancements or upgrades in the recent past. However, it’s compatible with Windows PC devices and comes highly recommended by these users.

Dualis Windows 8409

Here we have the Windows NDS emulator called Dualis which offers C++ and x86 assembly writing. This straightforward emulator doesn’t come with an awful lot of functions and you can’t use it to play commercially available games, but it still deserves a spot on this list for being an OG.