Playstation (PSX) Emulators

Known as one of the most popular and biggest console gaming platforms, the Sony PlayStation draws hordes of crowd every year come Black Friday and we have a failed collaboration between Nintendo and Sony to thank for its existence. Since it has been in existence for so long, the PSX has a whole bevy of gaming classics to offer which fans can now enjoy to the fullest thanks to desktop emulators. Read on to find out which ones are our favorites.

Name Platform Total Downloads Description
EPSXe Android 2788689

The EPSXe comes from a long line of emulators that go back to the PSemu program and it can be utilized to switch between different CD-ROM, sound and GPU optimization options. With a bit of tweaking, you’ll find that it’s also compatible with most games.

ClassicBoy Android 360051

The ClassicBoy is one of the best PlayStation emulators thanks to the fact that it ticks all the boxes of what you’d want in an emulator. For one thing, it’s compatible with most consoles including SEGA, NoeGeo, Super NES, Nintendo 64, all three Game Boy systems as well as OSX of course. It also comes with a lot of features including the ability to save and load different states, the ability to customize certain audio settings and touch screen controls as well as hardware controller support.

FPse Android 216273

FPse PlayStation emulator is an Android-based creation that’s super easy to customize. It comes with all the necessities that you’d expect from an emulator such as hardware controller support, high compatibility, adjustable controls, as well as the ability to load and save states. This is in addition to optional extras and cutting-edge plugins that go a long way in optimizing your gaming experience.

AndriPSX Windows 54677
PCSX Windows 38569
Bleem Windows 13604
PCSX-Reloaded Windows 13431

Unless you know how to personally remove BIOS files from an old-generation PlayStation console then you’d be hard-pressed to find a genuine PlayStation BIOS. Thanks to this emulator you won’t need a BIOS dump as it can emulate the way in which the PlayStation BIOS works using the relevant software.

SSSPSX Windows 12099
PSXeven Windows 9467

The PSXeven is one of those PlayStation emulators that were just created for perfection. It’s simple to use for users of all experience levels thanks to its thoughtful developer Xeven and it comes with features like a game image compression tool and built-in memory card manager. But, in order to get it going, you’d need a PSX BIOS which is well worth it for the chance to use one of the best PlayStation emulators available.