Playstation 2 (PS2) Emulators

Sony has been in the video gaming industry for a long time now. Their PlayStation brand is popular across the world and has brought much joy to the hearts of many gamers. Sony’s PlayStation 2 was the second console in a series of consoles that has now reached the PlayStation 5. Starting out in the year 2000, the PS2 was available to buyers for the next three to four years. From collated data, we can see that the PS2 holds the record for the highest-selling game console ever – several millions of the console were sold to customers. However, we are presently living in a time where gaming is largely done on computers. For this reason, gamers try to find quality PS2 emulators that enable them to play exciting PS2 games on PC. I can’t really say if people are legally allowed to use these PlayStation emulators. Just make sure you’re not involved in selling the emulated games to anyone. Three wonderful PlayStation 2 emulators are:

Name Platform Total Downloads Description
PCSX2 Windows 135612

First is the PCSX2. Many gamers enjoy using this emulator. It holds the top position among other PS2 emulators. There are several gamer reviews online that reflect just how reliable the PCSX2 is. If you’ve already tried searching for the PCSX2 emulator, you probably noticed that you came across many versions. This is because there are a lot of versions, which may lead to a bit of confusion. With that in mind, make sure you go for the latest one. Also, take note of the fact that a couple of the PCSX2’s versions don’t have BIOS that are normally expected to be a part of it.

PS2emu Windows 56581

The PS2emu is significantly versatile. This is because it’s compatible with computers that run on Linux software. Gamers who use windows computers can also use and enjoy the emulator. The PS2emu serves its purpose as a PS2 emulator pretty well. When you start using the PS2emu, you may experience some errors. If you do encounter any error, simply tweak the settings and get the emulator back in the right form.

NeutrinoSX2 Windows 29470

Unlike PlayStation 2 emulators that are compatible with both Linux and Windows systems, the NeutrinoSX2 only works with Windows. However, NeutrinoSX2 is a great option to replace the PCSX2 in any situation where the need be. Although the PCSX2 is better than the NSX2, that doesn’t mean NSX2 doesn’t have its own excellent features.