Sega Genesis (SMD) Emulators

When thinking back into the good old days, Sega Genesis is one of those games that made our childhood a stellar experience. The console is made of different parts that ensure it works smoothly. One of those parts is the emulator. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the best Sega Genesis emulators that you can easily access and the different gadgets that they are compatible with.

Name Platform Total Downloads Description
GENPlusDroid Android 224740

The GENPlusDriod emulator is engineered by GENPlus. It can function with Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drives Games. You can use it for games like Phantasy Star Work full speed and Virtual Racing. The emulator improves the quality of the graphics with shaders.

Ages Windows 10574

This emulator is designed especially for Windows devices; it was created by Jeffrey Quin. The Ages emulator is designed as a Sega Mega-CD, Sega Mega Drive, 32X, Master System, and Game Gear emulator. It was officially released around 2000 and 2002.

Gens Windows 6667

The Gens emulator is one of the most versatile Sega Genesis emulators. It’s suitable for all the computer games we’ve come across so far. There may be games out there that the Gens emulator won’t work for, but we’re yet to come across any such game.

Fusion Windows 5124

The Kega Fusion emulator is one of the recent models of Sega Genesis emulators. It also comes in different versions, and it’s more sophisticated than your regular emulator. The Fusion emulator is a great choice if your system has a large storage space. It could be ROM or RAM.

RetroDrive Windows 3169

This Sega Genesis emulator is a great choice for using a Windows device; Tim Meekins developed the emulator. It’s a 32X emulator, and you don’t need BIOS files from SEGA 32X.

Gens Plus Windows 2718

Rodrigo Cardoso created this emulator, and it’s an upgraded and tweaked model of the Sega Mega Drive Emulator Gens. It gets its origin from the Gens 2.12. As the name suggests, the Gens Plus is a nice update, and it has new features that will surely improve your gaming experience.

Dgen Windows 2609

The next Sega Genesis emulator is the Dgen which is an open-source emulator. The emulator was created by a programmer named Dave, then improved upon by Phil K. Hornung and Joe Groff. The emulator isn’t really in use again, and it has faded from existence.

HazeMD Windows 1505

This emulator mimics the entire Sega Mega Drive. I mean, the whole software content, and it’s not really effective because it copies unnecessary files that aren’t compatible.