esparks: ijikuu kara no raihousha

Esparks: Ijikuu Kara No Raihousha ROM

esparks: ijikuu kara no raihousha
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Let yourself be transported to another point in time and space era when you dive into the breathtaking world of “Esparks: Ijikuu Kara No Raihousha”! This fast, furious action RPG for the Super Famicom follows the daring young hero chosen to possess the mystic power of… The Esparks! Fighting across time eras you must find and kill those that would rip apart the very fabric of reality itself by its strings.
In your travels from the dawning Marenian Empire to the highest of crimson clouds, you will encounter a horde of characters and faces old and new, with the choice for more than 10 people to bring into battle. Master powerful techniques and harness the forces of earth, fire, wind, light and darkness to versify an array of enemies or take on huge bosses. A story-rich experience with an absurdly complex plot, intense pixel art graphics and a dynamic electro-jazz soundtrack as the cherry on top makes Esparks: Ijikuu Kara No Raihousha not only a game you will never forget but also a hard challenge for your brain to solve! Arm yourselves, brace your fellow adventurers, and ignite the revolution NOW ACROSS TIME!