fortune street

Fortune Street ROM

fortune street
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0.9GB / ISO
Fortune Street is a party video game which is the best part of its series that everyone should loves like to play it with other mates throughout the period. Looking in detail, before going to perform in any task, every individual should go through the gameplay in order to learn the basics regarding playable heroes, set number of tasks and etc.
In detail the objective of player’s main avatar in the Fortune Street Game is to complete the given-tasks in an appropriate manner by destroying entire obstacles and defeat the target opponents which get in the way. By doing this, one can get some awesome In-game items as a reward that help every now and then.
• In Fortune Street Game, the player controls the main super-heroes and guide with their own way so that they can jump over obstacles, make best use of their super-powers and special moves as well. It would be better for player’s to guide with their own way so that it becomes easier to deal with multiple opponents throughout the period.
• The Fortune Street Game consists of certain number of stages and each has different theme and set number of targets where the player’s main avatar can perform and compete with various opponents throughout the period.
• Before going to compete with various opponents, the player’s main avatar should make best use of his super-powers and keep it up the health meter in order to beat them with less chances of getting injured throughout the period.
The Final Words
Players should understand the whole concept of Fortune Street Game through gameplay so that they will be able to simply achieve their respective goals even within shortest time-period.