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For all those video gamers who are looking for a great platforming video game, here present the best one named Glover. It is developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro Interactive. The particular video game was launched for 3 main platforms that are PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Microsoft Windows. Also, Glover supports only a single-player mode. Gamers have to start from the very first level and then go ahead by completing the levels one by one. The game was first released on 16 November, 1998 and on many other dates for different platforms.
Gameplay of Glover
Here comes the gameplay of Glover. Every player should know that in the entire game, they need to control a glove named Glover. The only objective of the gamers is to control the ball and take it to the goal of every single stage. It’s the only way to pass more and more levels in the game and then go ahead for playing the game at higher level. The entire game consists of almost 6 worlds.
In every world there are various stages present with a boss stage. Players can easily complete these boss stages by completing all three levels in Glover. Not only is this, there are some bonus stages and boss stages also present. Every person need to complete the same stages more and more as to make quick progress. Also, in the beginning they are provided with difficulty levels which they select accordingly and then go ahead for playing accordingly.
Final words
Moving further, there are numerous things present that every new player should know. They should know that there are plenty of cheats present by which they simply make their ball of crystal, rubber and many others. Players need to make high score by completing more and more levels.