golden sun - the lost age

Golden Sun - The Lost Age ROM

golden sun - the lost age
GBA Emulator
11.9MB / ISO
Cameloft Software Planning launched on the most trending game of these days named Golden Sun – The Lost Age. It includes under the gaming category of role-playing video game and consist lots of classic levels which they have to complete. It provides a single-player mode and 2 players via Game Link Cable. It is present for Game Boy Advance and related to Golden Sun. all its graphics are of good quality and provides a better sound system. it was released on 28 June, 2002. The entire game is based on the story of Golden Sun.
Know about gameplay
Players should know everything about gameplay as to get a good gaming experience. In it, they have to play a main role of various characters. Also, the entire game is filled with monsters, battles, characters and many other things as well. Also, every character in Golden Sun – The Lost Age is having their own magic spells and their powers to compete with. In every level, gamers need to complete more levels as to make quick progress easier than before. By doing so, hey easily earn a huge amount of currency and rewards.
Everyone should know that they are provided with lots of features which make the game special. So, some main features are as follows –
• The game provides full HD visuals.
• It contains lots of classic levels which contains hurdles and more enemies.
• Players are offered with many more locations at which they have to lay Golden Sun – The Lost Age.
• Also, in Golden Sun – The Lost Age, all the characters are filled with classic powers and magic spells.
So, these are the best and classic features of Golden Sun – The Lost Age which make it cool and impressive over others.