mace - the dark age

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mace - the dark age
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Well, Atari Games developed and published the most popular video game named Mace: The Dark Age. The game is present for mainly two gaming platforms that are Arcade and Nintendo 64. Another fine thing is that the same game is present under the gaming genre of fighting game and it contains two playing modes. The first one is single-player mode in which gamers need to play the game as a story mode. They have to complete more levels and objectives to move ahead. In multiplayer mode, they have to play it with their friends and compete with each other.
Go through the gameplay
The gameplay of the particular game is relates to the series of Mortal Kombat. Players have to fight with the opponents in every level to go ahead. In every fight or battle they are provided with 3 rounds. They need to win at least 2 rounds among 3 to move ahead and go for fight with the best or powerful opponent. They are free to choose any fighter or character accordingly and then fight with their opponents to defeat them and move ahead. The graphics of Mace: The Dark Age is full HD and almost realistic that gives a good gaming experience.
What about characters?
When it comes to the characters of Mace: The Dark Age, then there are plenty of names present among which one has to choose. So, they have to choose that particular character which has more powerful, skills and abilities than all others. It’s the best way to win lots of battles and fights to make further progress in Mace: The Dark Age. The more and more gamers play the game and win fights, the easier they become a pro player of the same game and then go ahead.