mega man - dr. wily's revenge

Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge ROM

mega man - dr. wily's revenge
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Action games are a strong pillar of the gaming industry. In the gaming industry, lots of action games available, and if you play in the Nintendo Gameboy platform, then you should try Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge. The game Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge is developed by Capcom, and they are a popular developer company that had released lots of games. Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge was released in 1991 in Japan, and later on, it released in many more countries after the popularity.
Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge is a hero game that defeats the villains and stops their dirty works. Killing villains and completing levels that are the two major things that player have to complete.
Guide to Gameplay
The game Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge is fully taken from the series Mega Man. Every enemy and every other character in the game is the same as the series. There are so many similarities in the game, and if you have watched the series, then it will be easy for you to understand the game a little faster.
Main thing that players need to focus on Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge is that they need to avoid enemies and traps. Those traps can be anyone, and these are just existed to make you lose your life and to keep waiting on one location. In that condition, you have a few seconds that you can pass those traps without losing your life.
In order to kill the enemy, players can shoot them with fireballs that character has in the game. The amount of life in the game is limited to the player, and that is why they need to be patient and keep playing in an easy process.