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mega man
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Well, Mega Man is the number one video game that falls under the action, puzzle, Hack’n slash and role-playing genre. The particular video game is developed by Capcom and Inti Creates which was released firstly on 17 December, 1987. It starring a series of robot characters that are known as Mega Man as well as it relates to the Mega Man series. The name of the Mega Man in the game is Rock and it contains only a single-player mode. It means gamers here have to complete various levels, challenges or objectives to make progress.
Learn about gameplay
Gameplay of the particular action game is attractive and different from all other games. In Mega Man, there are 6 side-scrolling platformer levels present which can be chosen by players accordingly. In every level of the game, the main character, i.e. Mega Man has to fight against its opponents, pass out numerous obstacles and then defeat the final boss to make progress.
After they defeat the Robot Master, i.e. boss, they get a special weapon for the entire game. Also, when they kill enemies then they drop the energy cells which players have to collect. By doing so, gamers have to complete certain number of stages. Also, players can replay or revisit their cleared levels anytime. In Elec Man’s Stage players simply pick a platform generator item which is known as Magnet Beam.
What about Features?
The major reason behind the great success of this particular video game is its features. Among all, the best one is that Mega Man features a scoring system. In it, gamers have to play the game by defeating their enemies to score high. The graphics of the particular video game are of better quality that can attract every person’s attention easily.