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mega man x 3
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Have you ever heard about Rockman X3? If no then let me tell you that it is actually known as Mega Man X3 that is a great video game developed by Capcom then you must played it on the platform of Nintendo system. If we talk about the gameplay of this game then you will find gameplay of the Mega X and Mega Max X2 quite similar. Therefore, players will get chance to play action platform games that involve taking control of the protagonist X and completing a series of eight, selectable stages wisely. Each stage of the game has variety of huddles, traps and robots that are enemies to fight against you.
Defeat the boss!
You have to defeat the boss, as quick as possible so the stage terminates in a Maverick boss fight by defeating thi9s boos will add a unique weapon to player’s arsenal. Every boos is particularly weak to one special weapon, so lots of players may also complete the stages in order that best exploits these amazing weaknesses. In addition to this, player character x retains various abilities from other past games so it will really able to play the game wisely by using some smart techniques so get ready to take its advantages.
Heart Tanks
Player can easily locate power-ups like Heart tanks for extending the Maximum life energy and sub tanks as well for keeping some energy that can be used for later use. Even also returning are powerful “Ride Armor” that is a type of vehicle that can be piloted in various stages. These items can be hidden within certain level that can be levels collected that give you access to summon vehicles at any time. Nonetheless, you can easily start enjoying this amazing series that will prove valuable for you.