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The game about which you are discussing here is created by Capcom recently. In it, there are plenty of classic features present that make the game more interesting than before. The same game was the first game in Mega Man only for 16-bit console and also in the series of Mega Man X. the particular game was released in Japan on December 17, 1993.
It is present under the gaming category of action, platform. It contains only a single-player mode in which gamers need to play all their levels and many more things easily. Another fine thing is that, the same game is present for MS-DOS, PlayStation Portable, Super NES and Mobile Phone as well. it contains an interesting gameplay which all users should know before start playing.
Gameplay of Mega Man X
Well, everyone should know that the same game provides 2D platform games and it is having a run-and-gun gameplay. With the same addition it comes with lots of additional features that make it more impressive and stunning action game among others. The main role of the players in Mega Man X is to control the protagonist X. they need to complete more and more levels in order to go ahead in the same game.
The game contains almost 8 boss characters among which users need to select anyone and then start playing the game accordingly. Every single stage is filled with lots of classic enemies and hurdles which gamers need to passover as to go ahead or move on to the next levels. Gamers are provided with a weapon in every stage and they have to kill all the enemies using that weapon as to go ahead simply. Also, there are various powers which gamers need to use while playing as to complete levels and kill enemies.