metal slug advance

Metal Slug Advance ROM

metal slug advance
GBA Emulator
3.5MB / ISO
Metal Slug Advance is a run and gun video game which is developed by Dream Vision Games and published by SNK Playmore in a classic way. This game has great quality features as well as simple gameplay that encourage the players to play it for long hours.
Players should keep focus their heroes’ health bars every time so that they can survive in the end of every stage by dealing with opponent’s attacks as well as incoming bullets through the course of the Metal Slug Advance Game.
The Metal Slug Advance Game has similar gameplay format as its other parts but with two new systems such as the life and the card system. The player control shooter and prepare by learning some super shooting skills in order to make them stronger in the early stages.
The game contains certain stages and each has different themed and a set number of targets in which every player can take part and well-performed by putting their hard efforts on different moves. The objective of every player is to pass the stages as much as possible by defeating more and more enemies who gets in the way.
Before reaching the boss stage, every player should create better plans as well as keep their weapons loaded in order to beat the boss enemies throughout the period. By doing this, one can pass boss stages or even with fewer moves.
Every player has their own health bars so every player should keep focus on them every time and try to avoid opponent’s incoming attacks so that they can survive in the end of the stage. Once the player’s hero gets injured by enemies attacks then they may lose their life bars.
Conclusive Words!
Gamers should understand the whole concept of Metal Slug Advance Game as given-above that helps them to simply complete the given tasks in an appropriate manner.