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Pac-Attack is a puzzle video game, and it is published by Namco Hometek. The game supports different platforms like super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and iOS. You will enjoy tile puzzles, and different kinds of blocks are available, are you interested in it? If yes, then you can go with an Emulator. The internet has live gaming options also for us, and millions of players are spending time on them.
A puzzle is the main thing in the game, and you need to complete many kinds of levels also. In which you can fun with both single and multiplayer mode. Before going to play, we should know what the basic rules to win are. A single day is not enough to smash a big victory, so be prepared for upcoming challenges. In this article, we are sharing important factors to start playing.
Different Brick formations
The gameplay consists of many kinds of formation, and L-shaped is a significant one. The formation has three parts, and a little space is occupied by Red Ghosts. The Pac-man can eat the ghosts if they turn in blue color. The brick formation is necessary to play in puzzles, so be ready for them.
Competitive mode
In the competitive mode, we can play in Two- player mode. The rules and conditions are the same as a single-player mode. Many additional quirks are added to it. You will also meet with two main characters, like Blinky and Sue.
Stages for puzzles
Solving puzzles are a challenging thing in the game, and different levels are placed for enjoyment. For winning in the game, you should clear all ghosts. In the top stage, you will see overflow blocks, and in this condition, you will see a game over message.