paper mario the thousand year door

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM

paper mario the thousand year door
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Well, Intelligent Systems developed and Nintendo published the most popular and played a role-playing video game of these days. It relates to the series of Paper Mario and aims to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. It is mainly launched for a single platform named GameCube and was released on 22 July 2004 and many other dates as well accordingly. Paper Mario, The Thousand Year Door, contains only a single-player mode in which gamers need to play various levels and perform various roles, tasks and activities as to go ahead.


The visual style of the particular game is totally unique, or you can take day different. The graphics of Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door are a mixture of 2D and 3D which give you a classic experience. The graphics look like all things in the game is made up of paper. The gameplay is similar to the main version of the Mario Game, i.e. Super Mario Bros. There are numerous battles present in the game which players need to accomplish as to go ahead.

While in the battle of Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door players need to attack, defense and perform many other activities as to move ahead. The main aim of the players is to earn HP, i.e. heart points as to move ahead easily or to make progress. Also, there are badge points, and flowers points present too that is also necessary to earn in a good amount as to move ahead.

Final words

Moving further, players need to know the playing controls properly. They need to check out the reviews to know how to play Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, how to make progress in it and many other things too. It is the best way to know everything about the same role-playing a video game.