pokemon - crystal version (v1.1)

Pokemon - Crystal Version (V1.1) ROM

pokemon - crystal version (v1.1)
GBC Emulator
1.0MB / ISO
Pokemon is a funny, cute, and very impressive creature in the cartoon series Pokemon which was very popular around the world. Over time, popularity decreased because the new generation doesn't know about the nineties game, but it can still put nostalgia for all the people born from 1980 to 2005.
These were twenty-five years of Pokemon when everyone loved playing this game; that's why you can also try it out. A number of episodes and impressive games are taking it to the next level. That's why you can also try it out in 2019.
What’s Impressive in Pokemon - Crystal Version (V1.1)?
From tackling the mythical Pokemon Calebi to getting better Pokemon, you are in a better version of the game. No doubt that you can find a better simulation in this game but what's more which make this game better are –
• This game was compatible with the wireless communication feature in the Nintendo 3DS, which can easily enhance the gaming experience and let you play against others with ease.
• You can find that this Version was launched after Gold and Silver, so there are better features from them along with the better simulation.
• Better animation allowing you to tackle with new Pokemon in an impressive manner. Winning over the opponent and being the best gamer is an easier thing for sure.
Along with these features, there are more colors in the game. You can find better saturation, better effects, and a new journey. There are some additional tweaks added to allow you to enhance the overall gaming experience. That's why you can prefer it without any issue.
The Final Verdict
All these features and new tweaks are grabbing everyone's attention. So, if you want to try out this game, then you can go after NDS virtual version, which comes with better and amazing features.