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pokemon green
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Remember your first Pokemon adventure. Isn’t it amazing or cool enough to give you lots of amazing memories? If yes, then here also comes the number one game named Pokemon Green. In the particular game, players need to make a team of Pokemon and then go ahead by defeating all their enemies or not. The particular game is very first version of the Pokemon series which contains lots of classic features and a mind-blowing gameplay. People from all across the world play Pokemon Green to get a good gaming experience.
The gameplay of Pokemon Green is very interesting as it contains lots of classic levels and stages. Also, in all these levels there are lots of obstacles and deadly hurdles present which the gamers need to pass as to complete them. Another fine thing for all players is that they have to make further progress. In Pokemon Green by complete all objectives, achievements and challenges. They need to make a strong team of Pokemon and then fight against the enemies to go ahead. Also, they have to earn currencies in good amount as to make further progress.
Playing controls
Well, the gamers need to know the playing controls of Pokemon Green before them going to start it. Everyone should know that they have to set the control accordingly and then play Pokemon Green properly to handle everything easily. They need to learn the game mechanics and then fight properly with the gym leaders as to make further progress. To gather more information about Pokemon Green, players need to make use of reviews those are present online related to it. By doing so, they become able to know how to make play, how to make quick progress and many other things as well.