pokemon platinum version (us)

Pokemon Platinum Version (US) ROM

pokemon platinum version (us)
NDS Emulator
20.8MB / ISO
Pokemon has plenty of episodes and game versions that are popular in various countries. One of the NDS ROM versions, which was launched in the early 20th century, is still known for the impressive gameplay. Yes, we are talking about the platinum version.
It was only launched in the US, and it has some of the coolest features which make it a better choice to try out over the selection of other versions. Moving in four directions is an old feature in front of this game because you can find better animation, tactics, battle, and moves to try out in this Version.
There are so many people loving this game over the selection of other ones. The launch of the exclusive features in the US makes it a better choice to prefer over the selection of others.
What’s Exclusive in it?
So many small tweaks are enhancing the overall gameplay. That's why you can say that Pokemon Platinum Version (US) is a very advanced game.
• Now, you can step back in the Sinnoh region and go beyond that. This is a mysterious distortion world that emerges.
• There is an epic battle which emerge, and you are able to play against friends in this Version, which makes it a highly advantageous choice.
• The best thing is, you are able to transfer Shaymin, and it can be done from the diamond version to this one. Even, you can do the same from the Pearl version.
• Allow you to see the new Sky forme as well as there are legendary renegade Pokemon to try out.
• New clothing or avatar are introduced in the winter version of the same. When the journey is in any winter area, clothes change from summer to winter.
These are all the exclusive features that you can easily notice in this game, and if you want to download Pokemon Platinum Version (US), then you can try out the NDS ROM version.