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PortalRoms, one of the most popular sites for downloading a wide range of gaming system ROMs and emulators, recently disappeared without a trace leaving millions of users in the dark.

The site has for many years been the go-to resource for links to download ROMs via torrents. However, PortalRoms is now down for some reason.

The good news is that the site’s users can still access their favorite ROM downloads via Romzie, another popular ROMs game download webpage with all types of retro ROMs for a wide range of gaming systems.

Why PortalRoms Suddenly Went Down?

If you are a fan or player of retro games on PC then you must have heard of or downloaded ROMs and emulators from PortalRoms.com. The hugely popular ROMs download site has been around since 2004 or even earlier.

PortalRoms has however undergone ownership changes and transformations over the years. Its account on Twitter, which is now dormant, was created way back in 2010. In the last 10 years or so, PortalRoms had grown to become one of the most visited websites for retro games, ROMs, and emulator player downloads.

Just before it suddenly disappeared, PortalRoms boasted of over 4 million monthly visitors downloading everything from Nintendo Switch and Dreamcast to arcade games and everything in between. The site didn’t store the huge amount of content on their file-hosting platforms but used torrents instead.

PortalRoms initially was hosted on their main domain, portalroms.com but for no clear reasons, they moved their operations to a Swiss-based domain, portalroms.ch, around October last year. According to SimilarWeb data, PortalRoms still managed to transfer most of their traffic to the new domain with little disruption.

However, the site suddenly went dark without any public announcement or information about the real reasons for their disappearance. Millions of the site’s users suddenly found themselves without their favorite download portal.

It’s quite possible that PortalRoms’ disappearance was caused by domain problems or some copyright-related issues. It’s indeed surprising why, given the huge library and number of visitors the website had, anti-piracy groups working on behalf of large corporations such as Sony and Nintendo had not targeted PortalRoms throughout the years the site had been in operation.

We cannot authoritatively say when or if PortalRoms will ever return but the good news is that there are still a few good torrents or content distribution services available today where you can download your favorite ROM and emulator files.

Romzie: The Best Alternative to PortalRoms

You can still access all your favorite ROMs during this PortalRoms downtime from romzie.com, a regularly updated ROMs games download page.

At Romzie, you’ll get all types of Retro ROMs for a wide range of gaming systems from Gameboy, Super Nintendo, PlayStation Portable, GameCube, and Pokemon to Super Mario, Pacman, Vegas Stakes and many more. You can download all your favorite ROMs at Romzie and continue enjoying retro games on mobile devices and your computer.

We are constantly updating our collection every day so if you don’t find a specific ROM or emulator, keep checking for our latest additions and you will probably find it on our download page.