ra.one - the game

Ra.One - The Game ROM

ra.one - the game
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In the gaming industry, so many types of games are available, and every game has a different storyline and concept. It’s a great thing that many games are based on movies, and their storyline and concept are also based on the movie. Ra.One - The Game is a popular game because it is base on the movie, which was Ra.One. It’s a Bollywood movie, and an amazing thing about the game is its storyline. There are almost 12 levels in the game that players have to complete, and those levels represent the storyline. At every level, there is a boss available, and defeating those bosses can lead you to a new level.
Amazing gameplay of Ra.One - The Game
It’s a beautiful game and every player who plays it enjoys a lot because the fights and levels are unique. The graphics of Ra.One - The Game is unique because it is based on a movie character, so the developers have tried to make the same character of the movie, and definitely, they are succeeding in it.
The beginning level of the game is very great, and you have to make sure that you use the right move and direction to kill the enemy.
The main thing in Ra.One - The Game is its level, and at every level, players have to kill so many villains that will try to stop the way to entering a new level. At the end of every level, players have to defeat the boss, and they are very powerful.
Every boss in Ra.One - The Game is dangerous, and they can be defeated by using to right move and action those players possess. You can learn the controls too in the setting menu, and that is the best way to learn the controls.