radiant historia

Radiant Historia ROM

radiant historia
NDS Emulator
50.2MB / ISO
5574 - Radiant Historia is a role-playing game, and it is available in Nintendo DS, which is developed by Atlus. It’s a role-playing game, and in order to complete the game, players have to use strategy as well, and it is quite important for gamers. 5574 - Radiant Historia is released in the whole world, and it’s a great game for the lover of video games. In the game, several levels are given, and these levels are magical and tricky. Players have to kill opponents and also need to make a strong team defeat the enemy as well.
Complete 5574 - Radiant Historia with power and fighting moves
The graphics and storyline of the game are very interesting, and while playing the game, players have to control several kinds of characters as well. In order to be a strong and great player, you have to learn every control and every power of the characters because it can help you to win from the enemies.
Every character in 5574 - Radiant Historia is unique, and they all have unique powers too. These powers are very helpful in killing the enemies and also unlock the door of the next level. In this role-playing fantasy game characters and powers are very important, and to win, you need to know about it.
There are several zones available, and in every zone, enemies and environment are different. Every character is better in a particular environment, and this character talks in the game, and you need to read this too to understand the actual storyline of the game. In these environments, levels are given, and every level has different kinds of enemies. You need to use every character that you have, and these will help and support you to complete the game.