Amiga 500 (AMIGA 500) Roms

Amiga 500 ROMs

Amiga 500 (A500) is a personal computer that runs in 16/31-bit manufactured in the year 1987 by Commodore International, a computer and electronics manufacturer based in America. Amiga 500 was released in Europe in May 1987 following it's released in the Netherlands in April of the same year priced at 730USD. Back in 1989, Commodore International lower the cost of Amiga 500 to £499 to £399 bundled with games and a graphics editor.

Amiga 500's central processing unit is outfitted with a Motorola MC68000 that operated at the speed of 7.09 MHz (PAL); 7.15 MHz (NTSC). It has a 512 KB Chip RAM that is expandable up to 9 MB: 512 KB Chip RAM + 512 KB Slow RAM + 8 MB Fast RAM).

A500 ROM utilizes Kickstart 1.2 with 256 KB. Amiga 500 is operated by a version 1.2 or 1.3 AmigaOS with 512 KiB of chip RAM.

Amiga 500 graphic modes resolutions range from 320x256, 320x512, 640x256 and 640x512. This computer supports 16 in 640 modes, 32 in 320 modes, 64 in EHB, and 4090 in the HAM color palette. For the sound card, A500 uses a 4 channel 8-bit PCM and has a stereo output.

RS-232 serial port, Centronics Parallel port, external disk interface, 2x RCA audio, cartridge interface, expansion interface, and a 2x Atari Joystick or mouse ports are all accessible in Amiga 500. For the built-in media, a 3.5" floppy disk drive can be used.

Amiga 500, being the first low-end personal computer manufactured by Commodore sold 6 Million units globally.

Back in 1991, Amiga 500 was succeeded by the Amiga 500+. Amiga 500+ has an upgraded 1MB of RAM and can be used as a TV Monitor.

Many users favored Amiga 500 for its budget-friendly value with high-quality graphics and sound capability during its era.