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rumble racing
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Rumble Racing is the design and developed by Electronic Arts, and they are one of the best developers in the gaming industry. Rumble Racing is all about racing, and it is a unique type of racing game because, in this, players can use powers to speed up and slow down enemies. It is available for play station gamers, and it’s a multiplayer game that players love a lot. In game so many amazing cars are available and in order to unlock those cars, players have to find eggs and some cars unlock by playing championship match.
Unlock Amazing and Faster Cars
Rumble Racing is an addictive racing game, even if the graphics of Rumble Racing are not realistic, but still, it gives tough competition to many popular games. For a beginner, it is so easy, and in the beginning, just two cars are unlocked, and after learning playing and power usage, you can take part in championship racing.
Championship racing is very tough and in that much higher level of cars available that players have to defeat. Those opponents are very smart and use every single aspect to win.
Use shortcuts – In the game, many shortcuts are available, and AI knows that very well. In order to win races, you have to know the shortcuts, and you can play normal races to know all those shortcuts. Some shortcuts are very dangerous, and they can drop in traps too, but it depends on you that what kind of shortcut you’re taking to win the race.
Take power balls – in Rumble Racing many kinds of powers are available, some are like hot wheels, and some are like ice balls that stop the opponent for some seconds. All these powers are so great, and by using these, you can win the race and unlock cars as well.