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spider-man 3
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Based on the 2007 film of the same name, Spider-Man 3 puts players in control of the titular hero as he attempts to keep New York City safe from the combined threat of the New Goblin, the Sandman, and Venom. The game’s style is similar to Spider-Man 2, in which the player is free to explore a large scale version of New York City in a “Sandbox” style, this time in a larger city with subway and sewer systems to explore. Players can also explore storylines not explored in the third film, such as facing familiar Spider-Man villains like Kraven, the Lizard, Scorpion, Rhino, and the Kingpin or breaking up various gang factions. Spider-black Man’s symbiote costume is one of the game’s main highlights. Spider-Man is faster and more popular when he wears his traditional red and blue costume, and Spider-Man gains strength and aggression when he wears the black outfit. The game also includes “interactive” cinematic scenes where players can participate by pressing buttons or moving the controller. Morbius and Shriek have also been added as bosses to battle in this version. After a certain point in the game, the black costume becomes an interchangeable accessory, but it can threaten to overwhelm Peter if worn for too long.