streets of rage 2

Streets Of Rage 2 ROM

streets of rage 2
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The street of rage 2 is a classic game; in this game, you can choose different character. When you start playing the game you will addicted to this game so much that you wanted to play the game every time. It is the best time killing game on the play store and app store. We all remember that in our childhood we use to play fighting video games and we all miss those days too much. Therefore, the street of rage 2 is just like that but in our mobile phones and tablets.
Features of the street of rage 2
• Multiple characters – now you can choose your favorite character from the game options. Each character has a unique feature and a unique ability to fight. Every character will fight in a different way, which makes this game unique and very much interesting.
• New powers- Every time when you clears a level, you will get a new power and a new feature like you will get a jetpack as a power after some time to clear the level easily because the levels will be difficult as you play.
• Multiplayer’s- Now you can play it with your friend online, which will make this game more interesting. In multiplayer option, you can play with your one friend or either with four friends; this is the best feature of this game. Although, you can play online randomly with anyone and you can make your new friend.
• Blitz attacks on enemies- The new attacking is too exciting which recently added in it. It is a very effective attack in which you can harm more than one person at a time.
You should play this interesting game with your family and friends. It is going to remember you your childhood memories. As well as if you refer the game to your friends, you will get referring points that will help you to buy superpowers and stuffs for your characters. However, the best thing is that the game is free of cost on play store and app store.