super battletank 2

Super Battletank 2 ROM

super battletank 2
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The Ultimate Armored Combat Game! Explode across the sands at the helm of the Army's consummate war machine – the M1A2 battletank! With 16 MEGS of incredible realism, SUPER BATTLETANK 2 powers you into a new dimension of video game warfare as you barrel through enemy lines, encountering a more numerous and cunning foe than ever before! Packed with more of the amazing digitized graphics and senses-shattering firepower that made the original Super Battletank: War in the Gulf a runaway bestseller, SUPER BATTLETANK 2 treads where other tank games don't dare, and leaves them in the dust! – Take part in ruthless day and night combat scenarios with an expanded arsenal of sophisticated weaponry, including an on-board camera that displays full-motion video of enemy termination! – Heart-stopping ambush scenarios take you topside for relentless armored duels and furious helicopter attacks! – Ultra-realistic animated sequences feature PATRIOT missile launches and F-15 airstrikes that you call in to bomb the battleground!