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super bombliss
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Super Bombliss is a puzzle game that is based on Bombliss, a modification of Tetris that originally appeared in the 1991 NES game Tetris 2 + Bombliss. Bombliss is best known in NA and Europe as Tetris Blast, from the 1995 Game Boy game of the same name. The game features credits for Alexey Pajitnov and ELORG, the creator of Tetris and the Soviet tech organization he worked for respectively. As well as creating rows out of falling shapes, the player also has to include at least one bomb item: the bomb explodes, removing more blocks. Placing four bomb icons in a square formation creates a far larger bomb which removes more of the blocks on the screen when detonated. Once all the blocks are removed from the screen, the game ends. A line without bombs will solidify but not vanish; if another line with a bomb is completed on top of it, both lines will vanish. Super Bombliss features a standard mode, referred to as Contest, as well as a Puzzle mode and Vs. mode. In the Puzzle mode, the player has to clear the screen with a limited number of pieces. Vs. mode has the player compete against the CPU, which is represented by one of eight monster villains which include a T-800 and Jason Voorhees.