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super mario 14
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For the kids of the ’90s, one of the best video games is Super Mario 14, and it is because billions of players around the world started to play games from Super Mario. It’s a great game, and it has changed the concept of the gaming universe and among millions of games, Super Mario 14 comes at the top list. In Super Mario 14 there is a total of 8 levels are available, and every level has 4 parts in that. The character that players have to operate is Mario, and controlling him is very easy.
Each level poises tough enemies and some great rewards and coins that players have to earn, and for that, players have played it properly.
Defeat the Enemies and Complete Level
Super Mario 14 is a unique and special game for every gamer who plays game and who have stopped playing. The control of this amazing is quite simple, and that is why people prefer to start play games by playing Super Mario 14. From the beginning, problems and enemies start to create the problem, and after taking power, Mario can be bigger, and he can also shoot the enemies with bombs.
Super Mario 14 is unique because, in the game, Mario has a sword, and with the help of the sword, Mario can kill any enemy with a sword even if he is short. The jumps in Super Mario 14 are also very high and accurate that makes things easier for every gamer who plays it.
If you want to kill the opponents faster than you can jump to them and kill them with your weapons because it is invincible, the boss is also a major difficulty part of the game, but with the help of bombs and sword, he also can be killed easily.