super mario all-stars

Super Mario All-Stars ROM

super mario all-stars
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11.3MB / ISO
Super Mario All-Stars is a compilation based video game which gains a lot of popularity not only among teens but also adults because of its interesting background music as well as special features. These special features give a realistic experience to its users.
Looking in detail, the player controls Mario and guide with their own way so that they can jump over obstacles and easily collect power-ups which make every stage much easier. Every time the player’s Mario pass the stage by defeating the opponent’s then they will be able to get coins as a reward.
Basics to Know!
In Super Mario All-Stars Game, the player’s assume the role of Mario who has special skills and abilities such as jump over obstacles; make use of their special moves that help to defeat more and more enemies or even with fewer moves.
The Super Mario All-Stars Game contains certain stages and each has different concept and a set number of opponents in which the player’s hero can take part and well-performed by using super techniques and make best use of firebomb. The objective of every player is to pass the stages as much as possible by destroying all the obstacles as well as defeat the target opponents.
There is mainly one type of In-Game Currency in Super Mario All-Stars Game which is in the form of coins that can be obtained by passing more and more stages. Every player should spend their coins on useful tasks so that they will be able to simply pass further stages or even with fewer efforts.
Last Words!
So, these are the simple basics of Super Mario All-Stars Game as given-above that help the players to succeed in Super Mario All-Stars Game.