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super mario land 4
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Childhood is the most excellent phrase of life, in which we all have made a lot of memories, which are still lovable. Today we will be going back to that time when we all got to play the video games, especially the super Mario land. If I am not wrong most of us would have played this game and even still loves to play. The game has a tremendous story of a man (Mario); who has a pet, which is a gorilla. One day Mario gets fed up with his pet, and latterly his girlfriend gets kidnapped. Mario starts searching for the reason; he founds that his pet gorilla is done this crime because Mario got feed up of him.
The platform it's launched.
In the upper section, we have discussed the story of the game, now coming to the platform where it launched. Mario is a great game that is developed and published by Nintendo Inc. Game is launched on a top-rated platform of 1989 named as a game boy. It's the era of very fewer specialties, though it's tough to put a sizeable coded file on a particular console and for this reason. The C.E.O of Nintendo asked the C.E.O of the game boy to make an individual console on which the game can be efficiently run.
Latest version
 The world has changed enough compared to the last 70/80s; today, we live in a more informative technological era. As a result, the older tech-based games considering super Mario have now become more advanced and known as super Mario land 4, which is the latest part of the game. The game offers more features compared to its older version and now available on a different platform of its own giant Nintendo, which is a console developer too nowadays. Super Mario land 4 is also available for personal computers and laptops.