tetris (jue) (v1.1)

Tetris (JUE) (V1.1) ROM

tetris (jue) (v1.1)
GB Emulator
18.7KB / ISO
Tetris (JUE) (V1.1) is a well-developed puzzle based video game which has quality features as well as excellent background music which attract more and more puzzle lover. When the player start playing the game then they should know the whole concept regarding how to solve the puzzle, how to block the lines and many more through gameplay.
The primary objective of every individual is to solve the puzzle as much as possible by clearing a set number of lines. Every time the player solves the puzzle then they will be able to level up or even with fewer moves.
The Tetris (JUE) (V1.1) Game has addictive gameplay which contains every type of information that helps the players in each and every aspect. In details, the game also offers a lot of levels and each has different themed and a set number of tasks in which every individual can take part and well-performed by using super techniques as well as make use of special moves.
The main aim of every player is to solve the puzzle by clearing a set number of lines. By doing this, one can level up and able to get points as a reward that helps them to move onto the next ones. Make sure to give your best while performing time because the quantity of receiving points will be based on many factors such as performance, how much time takes to level up and etc.
Conclusive Details!
Every player should know the whole concept of Tetris (JUE) (V1.1) Game through gameplay so that they will be able to simply pass more and more levels or even without wasting their time on unnecessary tasks.