tom and jerry in fists of furry

Tom And Jerry In Fists Of Furry ROM

tom and jerry in fists of furry
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We all know that the fight between Tom and Jerry is happening for a long time. They always do fight, and it’s the face. Because the cartoon of Tom and Jerry is so popular and that is why developers have decided to make the game on it. Tom and Jerry game is available in PS2, Nintendo 64, and PC. It is a fighting game, and in the game, players have to unlock characters and defeat the character and boss level to progress the game. It’s a competitive game, and in these players have to do so many things to defeat the opponent, and these things are following below –
Defeat the Opponent by Following Ways
In the game, 8 levels are available, and at every level, players have to face different characters and different locations. In the beginning level, players will face an average level of the enemy, and after reaching a higher level, the opponent will become strong, and the boss is the hardest opponent in the game. The difficulty also increases in the higher level and that player faces while playing the game.
Use Objects – It is a pattern in the game is that players can use the objects in the game to damage the enemy. More than punches and kicks, objects take higher damage opponents to use it as well. Enemy that we face mostly use objects and use them to finish the match. They are always available in the level.
Avoid the Poisonous Power and Smell – in the game, poisonous things are available, and it damages the player when it attaches. Opponent can also be struggling from the poison, and when player attacks then or attach with then it transfers to the player and take the health of the player.