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Well, present under the gaming category of platform, Toy Story 2 is the most played and liked video game of these days. The particular game is developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Activision or THQ. Users of PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Color Dreamcast, Macintosh and many other gaming platforms play it easily on their device. The same game was launched at November, 1999 and contains only a single-player mode in which gamers need to complete various classic levels by performing lots of classic activities.
What about gameplay?
The gameplay of Toy Story 2 is quite exciting than all other games. It contains almost 15 classic levels in which gamers need to play Toy Story 2 as to get a good gaming experience. Also, there are lots of boss levels present which the gamers need to complete as to make further progress. All these levels in the game are based on different locations and all levels contain different enemies that users need to defeat for going ahead.
Players have to play the game by first-person viewpoint as to go ahead. Players need to make a perfect control on Buzz and then play the entire game. They can also use the spin attack, use the wings for a double jump and do many other interesting activities as to go ahead. Also, players are provided with laser power-ups which they have to use for various laser shots.
Features of Toy Story 2
Here are some main features of Toy Story 2 shared with the players. They need to know them and then go ahead for playing the game properly.
• Players are provided with lots of classic puzzles which they have to complete.
• Also, there lots of rewards, currencies and bonuses present.
• Gamers are offered with classic objectives which they need to accomplish as to make further progress.
So, these are the quality features of Toy Story 2 due to which the game get overnight success and also played by more players all across the world.