Croc ROM

GBC Emulator
361.7KB / ISO
The lovable little crocodile from the PlayStation and Saturn games arrives on Game Boy Color in CROC. The evil Dantinis led by the wicked Baron Dante have kidnapped the peaceful Gobbos. You assume the role of Croc, a heroic young crocodile, as he sets out to save all of his little friends. Run, jump, and swim your way through four colorful areas. More than 30 stages await you in the desert, ice world, jungle, and the castle. CROC features several special levels to keep gameplay fresh: aside from the standard side-scrolling stages on foot, you'll have to swim through treacherous coves, ski down a bumpy incline, ride a railcart through an underground mineshaft, and more. Adding even more variety are some mini-games that change up the action between levels. CROC features detailed full-color graphics with superb animation, and is a single-player adventure that you won't soon forget.