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donkey kong country
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Well, Rare developed and published one of the best platformer video game of these days named Donkey Kong Country. It is the best part that relates to the series of Donkey Kong and presents all gaming platform named Game Boy Advance, Super NES and Game Boy Color as well.
The best feature of the game is that it provides two playing modes. The first one is in single-player mode and another one is multiplayer mode. In single mode, gamers need to complete various levels and challenges. On the other side, in multiplayer mode, players can easily play it with up to 4 players.
Well, players in Donkey Kong Country have to control Donkey Kong. They are provided with numerous classic levels which they need to complete as to make further progress. Not only is this, they have to complete more numbers of objectives or challenges as to make quick progress.
Also, the particular game includes lots of events in which gamers need to take part and then go ahead for playing. Donkey Kong Country contains various types of currencies and rewards that gamers need to collect for making quick progress. The main of the players is to collect all main things or resources especially the bananas.
Features of Donkey Kong Country
Here are some main features of Donkey Kong Country shared with the players. They need to understand them and then play the game accordingly.
• The particular contains various playable and non-playable characters by which they have to deal as to go ahead.
• Also, in Donkey Kong Country there are numerous classic objectives, rewards and challenges present.
• The entire game is depends on various ecosystems such as factories, underwater, caves, mines and ruins as well.
Therefore, all these are the best and classic features of Donkey Kong Country which make it stunning among all others.