dragon ball z - budokai 3

Dragon Ball Z - Budokai 3 ROM

dragon ball z - budokai 3
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Under the fighting gaming genre, Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 3 is the most popular game. It is developed Dimps and created by Bandai. Another fine thing for the gamers is that it is present for all popular platforms such as PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and GameCube and many others as well.
Also, the particular was first released for 2 November, 2002. It is a 2D fighting game which was released on Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 3. It is a fighting game, so players have to play various fights with different characters as to go ahead.
Other considerations
In the game, payers have to use the punch and kick buttons to fight with another player. There are lots of players or characters which the gamers have to play as to go ahead. Also, there are lots of levels and locations present at which gamers need to play. They need to choose the levels and characters in the starting and then start playing Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 3 as to get a positive experience. Also, there are lots of playing modes such as hyper-mode and many others.
Classic 4 features to know
Here are some main features of Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 3 which you need to know before start playing it. It helps you in going ahead easily.
• Players are provided with lots of classic levels, obstacles and epic bosses.
• Also, they have to know that in the game they are offered with 2D graphics and good sound system.
• Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 3 contains various types of currencies and lots of rewards.
• The particular game contains lots of playable characters by which gamers have to make a deal with.
So, these are the best and classic 4 features that make Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 3 a classic game over others.