feel the magic - xy xx

Feel The Magic - XY XX ROM

feel the magic - xy xx
NDS Emulator
11.8MB / ISO
0004 - Feel The Magic - XY XX is a well-developed video game which has addictive gameplay that makes every aspect more interesting as well as easier. Before going to take part in any event, every player must go through the gameplay in order to learn the basics in the early stages.
However, gamers also need to get stars as much as possible by putting their hard efforts on super moves as well as different techniques. As you get stars in a good amount then you will be able to unlock certain pieces of clothing or even with fewer efforts.
• 0004 - Feel The Magic - XY XX is played solely with the stylus and microphone. In simple words, there are three main-modes present and the prominent one is the main-mode which contains the minigames in each chapter with three levels straightforward, intermediate and challenging.
• Stars also plays crucial role in 0004 - Feel The Magic - XY XX Game that can be collected by various ways. The more you get stars, the more you unlock attractive outfits from the main-menu. Never waste any star on unnecessary tasks otherwise you may not be able to go ahead throughout the period.
• There are some awesome features present in 0004 - Feel The Magic - XY XX Game such as Hidden Rabbit that can be gathers in the cutscenes through story mode. By doing this, one can easily unlock premium items or even with minimal efforts.
The Final Words!
To recapitulate, every player should learn the basics of 0004 - Feel The Magic - XY XX Game through gameplay that helps them to achieve their respective goals or even without putting hard efforts on unnecessary tasks.