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mickey mouse - castle of illusion
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Every gamer who plays games loves rewards, and it is because it’s a goal in the game, and with rewards, players can achieve something unpredictable. Mickey Mouse - Castle Of Illusion is a great game, and Mickey is already a famous animated character in the world. The graphics of the game and characters in the game are all designed with the 8Bit concept, and it looks so great to look. If you watched the cartoon of Mickey, then you must know the story of his, and in the game, there is a part of it.
It is so interesting to operate the Mickey even if he does not kill so many enemies in the game. To earn rewards in Mickey Mouse - Castle Of Illusion, you can do many things, and these are written below, and also, it will help you to progress the game as well.
Earn Rewards and Complete the Levels
As mentioned above, that rewards matters in every game, but in Mickey Mouse - Castle Of Illusion, it has a different fan base.
• There are several ways to earn rewards in the game, and it is not easy, but it also an entertained thing for those who play. The storyline of the game is also amazing and unique.
• The main objective in Mickey Mouse - Castle Of Illusion is that players have to pass every problem and reach the other level of the game to reach out from the castle.
• In the beginning level, problems and traps are very small and do not harm much because it is just a beginning.
There you can learn how you have to pass avoid enemies in the game. Some traps are very hard, and in those places, you have to keep your control easy and slow.