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pokemon diamond
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Pokemon Cartoon Series is an American TV anime show aired in the nineties, which is popular around the globe for amazing concern. There are so many game versions available of the same developed by Nintendo EUA. All the versions are available with small tweaks, which makes it a highly impressive choice to try out.
The best part is, you can try out 1015 - Pokemon Diamond with was launched after the Ruby version. This one has advanced gameplay and better simulation, which can make you get it over the selection of other ones. These are some small advantages of the same to grab this game for sure.
Remarkable Differences
Comparing the 1015 - Pokemon Diamond with previously launched Pokemon Pearl Version, you can find plenty of change in features. No doubt that diamond version is very popular, but the key features which make it highly reliable are
• You can get new Pokemon in this Version. In the pearl version, you have to visit pearl to grab a new one, but this time, all the new Pokemon are at a different location, so you have to find them to grab them.
• Diamond version allows you to perform the new trick and help in the evolution of Pokemon without any issue. That's why it is a better and highly reliable version. You can find many similar things to perform.
These are two enhanced features that make this game a better choice to prefer over the selection of other versions. That's why you can try it out.
Should you grab it and play on your android device?
Various platforms are offering this game, and you can go for the NDS ROM version to try it out. We hope that this post is offering the best details possible to let you know about the difference and features.