pokemon - edicion blanca (s)

Pokemon - Edicion Blanca (S) ROM

pokemon - edicion blanca (s)
NDS Emulator
100.8MB / ISO
Game Freak launched the most popular video game of these days named 5596 - Pokemon - Edicion Blanca (S). Another thing is that it is published by Nintendo. It is a Spanish game which is available for all major platforms such as for PlayStation, Nintendo DS and many others too. It is the firth installment in the series of Pokemon and contains single-player as well as multiplayer mode. It contains almost 156 creatures which the gamers need to know and then go ahead for playing it.
Players need to know all the features of 5596 - Pokemon - Edicion Blanca (S) before playing it. It helps them in playing it easier than before.
• The game contains numerous classic Pokemons and all are having their powers, skills and abilities to perform.
• The graphics of 5596 - Pokemon - Edicion Blanca (S) is full HD and provides a good sound quality.
• In all levels, gamers are provided with monsters which they have to defeat as to go ahead.
• Also, there are lots of missions and levels which gamers need to complete as to go ahead.
So, these are the best and classic features of 5596 - Pokemon - Edicion Blanca (S) which make it classic among all others.
Final words
All the levels of 5596 - Pokemon - Edicion Blanca (S) is present in different locations and users need to know them as to go ahead. Players need to make strategies as to complete the levels quick than before. Also, gamers need to earn currency and rewards as to make quick progress. Gamers are provided with events which they have to complete as to get prizes and to move onto the next levels easier than before.